Want the Most

The things I wanted the most was just simply someone who cares about me will stay with me. But now, the one who cared the most about me has left, my BFF,and the one who is staying with me is the one who cares the least about me, my bf. what a miserable life. ┬┐What else I dare to want?

22 August 2013, 07:36 AM
1 comment: yoyo30020


Curtis's mom is arriving from TW tonight. I didn't know how he arranged his time so I called him after work and he said he was home. When i got home he told me he will go to AU79 later to meet a book buyer. I asked whether he wants me to go with him he said yeah. And he said Joey is coming by to pick up the Window Installation Dic. He left when Joey arrived. Before he left to home to meet Joey, he said he might stay there to chill with Joey for a while. He called me later on said let'...

22 August 2013, 07:19 AM