Crushing Away

I'm one who tends to push others away Away because they don't understand Nor get my ways For the reason why I am this way today It's hard to trust others and what they say That's why I tend to shut down And push them away I tend to take myself back to that day The day when I feel like I lost myself In every way I get scared because of that day When he hurt me and rapped me in every way He caged me that day And tried locking me away I screamed and cried for help But everyone was too far away ...

03 August 2014, 09:59 PM
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My thoughts are thoughts that get me through the day in battling my demons from that day. I was only twenty when he tried ripping my life away. Lost, confused and not knowing what to do when he grabbed me for what I assume his pleasure that day. I couldn't seem to fight or run fast enough to get away. Loosing the battle every step of the way. All I could see was my life flashing away. Loosing strength ever second of the way. I woke up thinking that was a terrible dream today. Until I f...

08 July 2014, 03:34 AM