Maybe my biggest mistake..

So, just to be clear, like I wrote in my last post, I am not doing this to get pity or because I want anyone to feel sorry for me. I am doing this because I think that this is a nice way to get my thoughts out and tell you about what happens in my boring life, because here no one knows who I am and stuff, but mainly I think that I am doing this because so many posts on here have been such an inspiration for me to keep going, so thank you. So, I think I might have made my biggest mistake toda...

06 July 2016, 11:40 PM
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My first post

So, this is my first post. I guess this is where I tell you about what you can call my boring life, my thoughts and stuff that happens. I guess I can start by telling you that I am a pretty much normal teenage girl, give or take. I am not popular or pretty, that's for sure, but that's okay. I've accepted the truth. I guess I can say that I am lucky, because I've all these very good people in my life that all are too good for me. I am not writing this to get pity or because I want people to fe...

05 July 2016, 04:52 PM