When I Woke Up

sometimes, u don't understand the right things until and unless it hurts u. and at that movement u realise that "its too late" to make things right. Same thing happened with me. That was time when I woke up, when i opened my eyes widely and i realised that I can't change things now, I can't make them right. But, I didn't lose my hope, I hope everything will change with the time.

20 July 2014, 05:57 AM
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Life Trap!

Life shows u everything, teaches u everything, but at the end of the day we mostly think about what we saw, what life showed us, we never realise what we learned, what life taught us. then we start getting frustrated or excited depending on the scene life showed us. if it was good, u'll feel "life is awesome" but if it was bad, u'll feel like "life is a trap, i should get out of this" and then u starts forgetting the good things, people around u, other good opportunities and situations! your ...

18 July 2014, 09:21 PM
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