He is so annoying, sutch a little brat. But thats what i like about him i dont under stand why him any other man would do but him,the silent and suspicious. he drives me crazy drives me made but then sabotage,he thinks i dont notice his anger he thinks im perfect but im not im afraid of what i should do.you think i dont notice you think i dont under stand i can see you im not blind i feel the same way but again i cant comply.were two diffrent people in a class full of equals

14 January 2018, 04:23 AM


The urge is strong to ask her but i fight no matter if i stay alone or find the one.she drives me crazy walk by and cant stop looking,start talking cant stop hearing. I´m the cold in the corner but your the flame in the class making me feel different warm the closer i am i feel further and further from your flame every man that´s near you makes me want to fight. your the innocent and i´m the stealth you believe i´m mad ,you believe i´m angry, you believe i wont try but I will always be aroun...

12 January 2018, 03:50 PM
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