I promise...

Promises seem like something that are suppose to be sacred. Today in this world there is way too many people who are confusing people and things and which one should be loved and which one should be used. A lot of people these days think that people are meant to be used and things are meant to be loved, but those of us who still have morals and love and care for actual people know that to be truly happy things are to be used in your life and the people in your life are meant to be loved. Lovi...

23 August 2013, 06:03 PM
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My Eyes...

I can't help but wonder how something so beautiful goes through this life seeing so many ugly things..when you think about your eyes and all they have seen..all they will see..Is it more beautiful or more bad? Do the things that you have seen affect the way you still see?

17 August 2013, 11:01 PM

The Road Home....

To me this picture couldn't symbolize anything better. Showing that the ONLY WAY to go for me, is to Jesus Christ..My Lord, My Savior. Some can dismiss this picture as the reflection of a shadow on a building, but to me it IS JUST that. A REFLECTION of the ONLY way to go...The only way for ME. Straight to the cross. The one way and the only way through Jesus and all the promises God offers and the gift of His only begotten Son. Just one sign and just one picture as a reminder of the promise H...

17 August 2013, 09:46 PM
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