the l word

This is the sappy story of my life, so of course, there is going to be a boy, a boy who I really like, but hardly notices me. Now, this piece is going to be pretty fucked up. But whatever, it is my life, so here we go. So, Liam, the boy I have had a crush on forever, I told my bestie about him and she went ahead and told the boy who she liked, Andrew, about this pathetic little Crush of mine. The problem is, Liam is basically Andrew's best friend, and of course, there was hardly anytime befor...

24 January 2014, 01:05 PM
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The Manipulative Bastard

So, you know when people ask you, how would you describe so-and-so in one word? The one word that would probably fit my father's description best is manipulative. If you asked me for two words, i would say manipulative bastard. Okay, for starters, our relationship has pretty much been a failure since i was born, I wouldn't necessarily call him physically abusive, but i sure would call him emotionally abusive. He is probably the worst role model of a father a girl could possibly have. He give...

24 January 2014, 12:40 PM
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awkward intro thing

So, this is my first time at attempting to keep a journal or something like that anyways. I'm not usually committed to this kind of stuff, so i'm not really sure how long this may last. Well basics first, I'm a single child, teenage girl, and living a pathetic life in Melbourne, Australia. I actually have no idea what to do right now i'm just going to write what i'm thinking. Have you ever looked out a window and kind of just thought how great your life would be if you were in someone else's...

24 January 2014, 12:23 PM
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