The Beautiful Mask

You see that girl..The one who runs to school with a hug smile and running all see how happy she looks.. and you felt in love with her? but she is pulling you away? and till now you never know the answer?? well..maybe because she doesn't love you back.. maybe because she can't get over her ex.. maybe because she has a boyfriend... maybe because you aren't good enough in her eyes.. but you know what? Most often because she doesn't want you to see what is behind her beautiful mask.....

08 June 2014, 04:48 PM
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Silence... I should won a price for it..

People may look at me and think i am lame i did nothing in life.. they may think i am useless...Well.. they know nothing me and silence have been friends long time ago actually we lived together.. And you know what... I should be give a price for living with it all time .. because when i used to get to my worse.. when i get to hurted form people.. when i feel like i am useless and need to be dead i just stay silence ... I stay silence while THERE IS TOO MUCH TO BE SAID.. but if i told you my ...

08 June 2014, 04:29 PM
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I am not giving up

Life is so short yet it teaches us a lot of lessons we may never think about.. When you feel your worse remember there are those who have a worse life..Dont give up so fast.. you never know what life is going to bring for you.. it may give you what you need and sometimes show the very unexpected.. I remember my childhood i almost had no fear a lot of people wish to go back to their childhood while children wants to grow up.. this is so true and you can go and ask anyone.. the old me always u...

08 June 2014, 04:19 PM
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