Dear Diary,

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been busy with getting my life back on track. It wasn't easy but I got pretty far. I moved back into my parents place, temporarily. For now I'm searching for my own place, and a better job. It drives me crazy though. It's very thoughtful of my parents to take me in but it isn't ideal. I left this place once, it wasn't for nothing. There was a reason behind it. And now they expect that to change? The only thing that changed was me needing a pl...

07 October 2014, 08:47 AM
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After everything that has happened in my life I only have one thing left, STRENGTH. Everyday I tell myself to stay strong. Everyday I tell myself I'm gonna be okay. Everyday I tell myself that there's nothing to be afraid of. That I can do anything I want if I want to. I promised myself to never lose faith. I promised myself to never make the same mistake again.

18 July 2014, 08:44 AM
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