No Self- esteem :(

i got a prob where i really feel bad about my flaws. My shape and my look. Here in my country, its weird when u finally realized, without gd looks, ur nothing. Without education, ur more thn nothing. People judged me a lot but i still keep my chin up high and stay 'Fine?' I got a bestfriend, a guy. Its been 4 months together so, his friends made fun of him being with me because other girls are pretty and i'm fat. He left me. Before he left me, His friends always make fun of me in class. I fee...

07 November 2014, 11:15 AM

idk this feeling srsly.

Basically, i met this guy at sch. and i'm crazy in love with him for 10 months and he doesn't know. He's giving me a mixed confusing signal but i still can't figure it out. I looked at my friends, i have no self- esteem srsly. I feel jealous of how good they look when im here looking ugly and fat ( I'll tell u tht ltr on another write up). Well tht one monday when i arrived at sch, he would always be the first person i look at and most of the time our eyes meet. But tht day, he wasnt really l...

07 November 2014, 10:47 AM
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