Childhood- disability

Growing up wasn't so bad I guess, it could of been worse I mean. After everything my mother went through even before I was born she became very strong and resilient and that wasn't all good. She learnt to block things out to not let them affect her, never saw her cry or hurt or even overly happy. She saw how tough life was and she wanted us to be strong and prepared for it but in that process and mind-set she lost her way. Her thought process was to not show her love or her care to us becaus...

12 March 2015, 01:51 PM
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England - hardships

(been a while since I wrote a post... was recovering from another treatment) 1996 the year I was born was the year I travelled to England.we accompanied my father so that he could give his exam in Scotland to become a doctor. We was living with my dads cousins as we had no source of income so rent and food were impossible to be paid alone. My father passed the exam the first time, so everyone from back home were calling us back to Pakistan especially my grandfather. however when we first re...

12 March 2015, 01:03 PM

grandmother- shame

i was brought back home to my fathers home village. She convinced my mother it was best if we stayed in in the bedroom. Prison bars were not seen guarding the room, but her shame upon us made them visible to our eye.We brought shame to her as she believed that my mother was not capable of giving her a normal grandchild. It is now i who feels shame when looking at her. It was only recently that i discovered all these details overhearing a conversation of my mothers. This exposure literally ma...

21 September 2014, 07:14 PM
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its time for me to warn you before its too late and you are trapped. Trapped in a life which will make it impossible for you to go back and unread the harsh reality of my story, neither will you be able to move forward from it. Back out now. going back 18 years to where it began ... Birth. It was in a small dirty underdeveloped hospital with little facilities placed in Gujrat (Pakistan) where my soul was first given life. 6th June, uninviting hours of the morning my mother placed her gaze on...

14 September 2014, 08:34 PM
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My first entry - Beginning

The beginning. This is the beginning of my story. 18 years old lying in bed recovering from a major operation, i have nothing but time to go back in time and share what made me as a person. I have never written a diary neither have i blogged before, but i am determined to finally tell and face those secrets, those truths, those events that even the people that think they know me are unaware of. So this is where i will expose my journey right from the point at which i opened my eyes to see th...

12 September 2014, 02:33 PM
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